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  1. How to create automatic counter of record number in MySQL table using PHP?
  2. How to delete all files in a folder?
  3. Is it possible in PHP to replace blocks if…else with another conditional operation?
  4. How to delete strings from a text file using the PHP language?

How to create automatic counter of record number in MySQL table using PHP?

For this, we’ll use the following function:


// The function is designed for obtainment of record number of the table 
function get_id($tbl_dt)
{   // Do descending sorting 
    $result = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM ".$tbl_dt." ORDER BY `id` DESC");   
    $myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result);
    $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
    // if a number of records coincide with the last id, then...
    if ($num_rows==$myrow['id'])
    {  // ...take the first element  
      //in the sampling with the highest id value ,
     // by increasing this value by a unity 
       return $myrow['id'] + 1;
       } else { // Do ascending sorting, then...
        $res1=mysql_query("SELECT id FROM ".$tbl_dt." ORDER BY `id` ASC");
        $myrow1 = mysql_fetch_array($res1);
        $i = 1;
        do // ...look for "empty" id and add a record for this id
            if ($i == $myrow1['id']) {
            } else {
                return $i;
        while ($myrow1 = mysql_fetch_array($res1));


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php programming

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An error message appeared:

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Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at X:/home/localhost/www/phpbloguser/header.html:6) in X:/home/localhost/www/phpbloguser/blocks/ line 110

In php.ini it is necessary to write directive output_buffering “On” (on default – Off), see php.ini. And it will be all right! To make it works it is necessary to restart your server.

This error may appear for other reasons as well:

It is necessary to check if there is a space, tab, hyphen before “<?”.

In addition, it is necessary to start a session before any text appear in the browser’s window. Because in this case session identifier is written down in cookie files. Cookies in their turn are always installed through headers sending. The error message says that headers have ALREADY been sent.

Therefore it is necessary to check if any text appears in the browser’s window before you start a session by means of session_start()?

Your php file must be saved in UTF 8 coding (without BOM). If it is with BOM, three symbols will be  typed at the beginning of the file and this results in this error.