Notebook excel

Hi, friends! Today I would like to discuss how to make a diary by hand using Excel. Let’s go!

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In order to change the file download folder, it is necessary to select in the menu item “Tools – Settings”:

Пункт меню Firefox: Настройки - Инструменты

In the dialog box “Settings” in the tab “Main” you can see the block “Downloads” in which you need to select checkbox “Path to save files”:

Пункт меню Firefox: Настройки - Инструменты - Основные - Загрузки

Then the button “View” will help you to specify the target where the downloaded files will be saved.

Debugging with NetBeans IDE

Have you ever encountered errors in PHP code? Which debugging program did you use in such case? If you still do not have such program, it is time to learn about NetBeans IDE!
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