Synapse library in Delphi

Dear readers! On this website there was a post how to get values of all elements of Edit of the dialogue form using Delphi. Two posts described how to get IP address using Delphi here and here. Let’s start by downloading Synapse library from here:

Unpack the library into a temporary catalogue. Create catalogue D:\Delphi\Synapse\. It would be better if catalogues names contain Latin letters and no spaces. Copy the catalogue content source\lib from the unpacked archive into catalogue D:\Delphi\Synapse\. Now install Synapse library.

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External IP address in WAN

Dear readers of blog. Today I’ll give a Delphi example that can help you to get external IP address
in the Internet. One post from this series has already explained how to get computer IP address in a local network using Delphi. Here is a Delphi example that can help you to get external IP address even if you work in a local network and your computer is behind proxy server, gateway or router. This functional is realized using a little program GetExternalIP.
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Using Socket API in Delphi

Dear reader of blog. As you may know, today many people want to have access to local network computers (LAN) or Internet. Also, many would like to know how to write programs in order to work in a local network (LAN) or Internet. One post from this series has already explained, How to get external IP address using Delphi software. Today we will consider another one of the most interesting tasks; this is getting an IP address of a computer connected to a local network (LAN).
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Functions WinAPI in Delphi to get values of Edit

Dear visitors! This article will help understand how to read all values of Edit dialogue elements from the window of another application using Delphi and WinAPI functions. We will use WinAPI functions to get the Edit class dialogue elements. For instance, we need to get Edit values from the form with the title “MyProgram”, so we will use the WinAPI function FindWindow.
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