xampp on macos

Hello, dear readers of our blog! Many people work on Windows and use Denwer as a local server. On our web-site there is a little article for those who want to set up access to MySQL for Denwer from a local network. In this article we will talk about setting up XAMPP for the Mac OS X operational system. You will be able to avoid mistakes while setting up XAMPP and know how to change configuration of the local Apache web-server quickly and easily. You might know that XAMPP is a cross-platform building of a web-server containing Apache, MySQL, PHP script interpreter and so forth, which allows to launch a fully functional web-server. Let’s consider which settings you need to do to make your server properly work. Read more

Test on PHP Basics

Hello! I’m offering you to check your knowledge in PHP basics! What is PHP, what it is used for and so forth. This test is not aimed at knowledge of PHP language.

You need to answer just 7 questions. After passing the test you will be able to see your gaps. If there are none, great! And if there are, you can immediately fill them!

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Multiseat mode on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello our blog readers! Recently, I have encountered with a question of how to set up several work places on one single computer within Ubuntu 14.04 operating system. I succeeded setting up Multiseat mode, as I wanted, three workplaces working on single computer system.

Ofcourse, this article does not have any relations with programming in 1C, PHP or Delphi, but still you will see some programming at the end of this article. I think this article will be useful for those who want to set up a Multiseat mode on their computers. In my previous articles I was sharing with you on how to set up XAMPP on MAC OS X, and today lets deal with Multiseat. Lets go!
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PHP for advanced users: namespaces in PHP

Dear readers of our blog! In the last article we wrote about two methods of inserting a context advertisement using the PHP language. Today we will consider PHP namespaces, using the simple examples of programming. The good news – the Namespaces are easy. To preview we’ll challenge ourselves to explain it quickly. Let’s go.

Create class in PHP.

class Foo
  public function doAwesomeFooThings ()
  // you should write your code here

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How to remove all spam from the PhpBB forum

Dear readers of our blog! Many people today install and actively use the popular phpBB forum. A very important thing for them to know is how to work properly with this phpBB forum. For example they are interested how to change the head of the phpBB forum.

Today we will consider the removing of all unwanted messages from your phpBB forum by means administration control panel. Let us see what steps we should undertake in order to do it properly.


The administration phpBB dashboard

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