xampp on macos

The article deals with setting up XAMPP, which must be done so that the local web-server Apache work properly. After reading the article you will be able to set up virtual hosts and quickly correct any error that prevents proper operations of the mod_rewrite mode in the file .htacces.

Test on PHP Basics

This test was made to help memorize material on the basics of PHP programming language. It helps to better understand what PHP was created for and how it differs from other programming languages.

Multiseat mode on Ubuntu 14.04

This article tells how you can set up several workplaces with a videocard using only one computer.

PHP for advanced users: namespaces in PHP

This article shows you how to use namespaces in PHP programming language.

How to remove all spam from the PhpBB forum

Spammers have software that auto—post dozens of messages on your phpBB forum. This article shows you how to mass delete the spam messages, so you can minimize the amount of time you need to remove the spam messages and quickly ban the user from posting again.

Synapse library in Delphi

The post describes how to install Synapse library in Delphi and gives example of its work at the emailing.

External IP address in WAN

This post gives a Delphi example that can help you to get external IP address even if you work in a local network and your computer is behind proxy server, gateway or router.

Using Socket API in Delphi

A Delphi example that can help you to get computer IP address in a local network (LAN).

GetExternalIP - workflow of getting external IP address

Download program GetExternalIP to know always your external IP address. It is convenient for getting external IP address, i.e. the address, that is assigned by the Internet provider.

HTML editor NicEdit - Inline Content Editor

What is NicEdit and how to install it on your website pages?