Debugging with NetBeans IDE

Have you ever encountered errors in PHP code? Which debugging program did you use in such case? If you still do not have such program, it is time to learn about NetBeans IDE!
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Context Menu Keypresses

In this article I’d like to explain in detail how to debug the PHP code with the use of NeatBeans IDE.  NeatBeans IDE itself can be downloaded here. Debugging is done on the local computer, so it is necessary to have local server installed on the computer which would ensure the work with PHP as well as with the database.
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Extract the saved file of the image from the base

In the first article on this subject we discussed how to save the image in the database MySQL with the use of PHP. Now let’s consider how to extract the saved file of the image from the baseFor this we need to use two php files, the first is view_image.php:

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Adding the images to database

First of all I’d like to note that in order to store images in the database MySQL it is necessary to specify one of the fields of the table as a derivative from the type BLOB. Abbreviation BLOB means large binary object.  Pattern of storage of BLOB data can have several options: Read more