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HTML editor NicEdit - Inline Content Editor

Dear Visitors of Our Blog! Today I’d like to tell you what HTML rich text editor NicEdit is. Today I’d like to tell you what HTML rich text editor NicEdit is. NicEdit allow you to easily edit pages on your website (for example in firefox). Need help implementing NicEdit into your website? In the article How to install HTML Editor NicEdit? we explain in details how to do it. NicEdit quickly is integrated through JavaScript into any website. You can convert textarea tag to rich text editing.

And convert it to Inline Content Editor:

Why NicEdit? NicEdit is a WYSIWYG rich text editor for websites. It is designed for simple and quick editing of texts by the visitors of your site. NicEdit can be very easily integrated in any site with minimum efforst, giving visitors an excellent tool to express themselves, i.e. rich text format.

This editor does not overload the users with all kinds of “amenities”, which due to theri variety,
can confuse your visitors. This is a good tool and it is free. Customize your HTML text editor NicEdit and start using it on your website!