Functions WinAPI in Delphi to get values of Edit

This article will help understand how to read all values of Edit dialogue elements from the window of another application using Delphi and WinAPI functions.

Inserting an ad in the body of the article using PHP

The article describes two methods of inserting a context advertisement using the PHP language in the body of articles on a website.

php programming

PHP examples (example source code)

php programming

Why does an error message appear at the writing of session_start(). How to change php.ini file to get rid of it?


MySQL by examples.


How to create the environment for PHP and to install local server to work at your computer? Denwer will help you with it! Let’s see how to install it.

PHP Examples of the regular expressions

In this article you will find working examples of regular expressions in PHP

Notebook excel

The download contains Excel file, which allows the creation and print compact diary.

How to combine PHP and Java Script

The article contains the example of combination of PHP and JavaScript.

Head of the Forum PhpBB

This article explains how to change the head of the forum phpBB, to change the image and its size, inscription and style of the head of the forum.