How to change the head of the forum phpBB?

Head of the Forum PhpBB

Dear readers of our blog! Today we will consider the theme, that is interesting to many, namely how to change the subheading and headline of your phpBB forum. Hope you will like the article and in future you won’t need to delete unwanted messages from the users of your forum. Let’s start.

  1. Changing image and its size:Suppose we have a folder “forum” where the forum is placed. Therefore the path to the image in the head: “forumstylessubsilver2imagesetsite_logo.gif”. If you are using the style “subsilver2”.In the database of the forum, there is information about the image. It is in the table “phpbb_styles_imageset_data (phpbb_ – prefix, which is preset at the installation). This table specifies the height and width of the image. You need to adjust these data to your image.The field “imageset_id” – must conform to “imageset_id” – style from the table “phpbb_styles_imageset”. My style is “subsilver2” its “imageset_id” equals 2. If there are several styles, there are also several files with the same name –
     site_logo.gif this name of the file is written in the field “image_name”.

    In the file sql_4fbd4e36d5831424cbc4d797bea8db97.php – (the name may alter) in the folder “forumcache”. Here we should change informationi about the image, its name and size (it needs to be adjusted to your image).

    If we change only in the database, changes will not be seen immediately, it is necessary to change also in the cash file.

  2. Inscription in the head:In order to change it, it is necessary to enter the administrative part of the forum: tab General-> Configuration-> Forum settings and to change fields “The name of the site:” and “Description of the site:”
  3. Style of the head:In the file “tpl_subsilver2_overall_header.html.php” let’s find a parameter T_STYLESHEET_LINK, and then find it in the file “forumincludesfunctions.php” here we can see the reference to the style sheet “forum/styles/subsilver2/theme/stylesheet.css”. In this style sheet we can change the styles as we wish.